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Pappardelle al Limone {Creamy Lemon Pasta}

I know I’ve probably said this before, but I love a big dish of pasta! It’s usually a quick meal, and it’s one of my favorite comfort foods. A big plus is it’s good with almost anything: shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, and on and on. Lemon is definitely at the top of my list, though, and I’m down for a lemony pasta dish 24/7. That’s why this Pappardelle al Limone {Creamy Lemon Pasta} recipe was absolutely irresistible to me. Tons of noodles in a creamy lemon-parmesan sauce, and it’s ready in just 20 minutes. This is so my type of dinner!

Pappardelle al Limone is an easy and QUICK creamy lemon pasta recipe you’ll make again and again: Wide pasta noodles in a no-cook lemon Parmesan cream sauce.

Recipe Author: Karen at Familystyle Food
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The Ingredients

This recipe only had a few ingredients, and the majority were easy to find. In fact, I had everything except the pappardelle pasta on hand. Lemons, parmesan, cream–everything!

The one item I didn’t have turned out to be hard to find locally. I ended up ordering an 8.8-ounce package of De Cecco Pasta from Amazon for just over $5. Next time I might substitute another type of pasta like linguine or egg noodles if I still can’t find pappardelle locally.

Pappardelle al Limone {Creamy Lemon Pasta} Ingredients
Pappardelle pasta, cream, grated parmesan cheese, egg, salt, lemon, parsley, and butter

The Process

Gather all of your ingredients and tools in advance because this recipe cooks up fast! The pappardelle pasta I bought only took six minutes to cook once the water was boiling. Fortunately, the sauce doesn’t need to be cooked, so I had it ready just before the pasta was done.

The first thing I did was put the pot of water on to boil. I used a 4.5-quart pot, and it barely held all the pasta. Next time I’ll definitely use a larger pot (a 6-quart pot would be a better choice).

I got started on the sauce while the water was heating. That involved some zesting, measuring, and mixing, but nothing difficult at all. I added the pasta to the water in the middle of preparing the sauce, and the sauce was ready to go before the pasta finished.

Then it was just a matter of draining the pasta, adding it to the sauce, and tossing it to coat. Afterward, I let the sauced pasta sit for five minutes to thicken up. The entire process took 21 minutes.

Fresh lemons
Fresh lemons

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
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Creamy, lemony, cheesy comfort food! This Pappardelle al Limone has to be the best lemon pasta I have ever tried. Dinner was silent except for the sound of forks on the plate twisting up this delicious pasta. With only a few ingredients and easy to follow instructions, this dish was ready in 21 minutes. It couldn't have been easier! I did have to order the pappardelle noodles since I couldn't' find them locally, but that wasn't the recipe's fault. Next time I might substitute linguine or egg noodles.
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