Sunday, August 2, 2020
Original Recipes

Original Recipes

Karachi Masala Lamb Chops

These lamb chops are marinated in a spicy Pakistani curry mix called Karachi Masala that is a treat for the senses. Pair them with a cool side salad to balance the complex and spicy flavors.

Fancy “Beer Can” Chicken

Beer can chicken is a classic way to make juicy chicken that's infused with flavor. My version uses white wine instead, along with thyme, garlic and lemon.

Chicken and Rice Burritos

Chicken and rice burritos is a dish my husband asks for over and over. The optional toppings are delicious, but they're also good without them.

Southern Breakfast Bowl

A good old-fashioned Southern breakfast of grits, eggs and sausage that's quick and easy to make. Complete the meal with a steaming cup of coffee!

Dirty Oysters (Tin Fish Restaurants Copycat)

A decadent appetizer of raw oysters on the half-shell topped with caviar, creme fraiche and sweet onion. The tastes and textures are just amazing together!

Grilled Asparagus

This is a quick, simple and healthy grilled asparagus recipe with only 4 ingredients that goes with just about any main course.


Chocolate Martini

This tasty chocolate martini recipe is so easy to make and garnish! I had mine done in under 3 minutes, and I'm far from a pro bartender. This recipe made me think of chocolate milk with a slight kick from the alcohol. Nothing too strong, but enough that I didn't forget I was drinking a cocktail.

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