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Lebanese Chicken Fatteh

I’m a bit of a foodie. I absolutely love to try new foods, as I’m sure you have guessed. In fact, I can’t think of a cuisine I don’t like, but I do have my favorites. Lebanese food is definitely one of those favorites, so I’m particularly excited to make this Lebanese Chicken Fatteh recipe. It’s basically a Lebanese dinner bowl that’s packed full of things I love: chicken breast, chickpeas, pine nuts, and pita topped with a garlic yogurt sauce. It sounds incredible, and I can’t wait to give it a try!

This authentic Lebanese Chicken Fatteh is an amazing combo of flavors made with yogurt, spiced shredded chicken, chickpeas, toasted pine nuts & pita bread!

Recipe Author: Yumna Jawad at Feel Good Foodie
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The Ingredients

Lebanese food might be something new for you, but the ingredients for this dish aren’t unusual or hard to find. It’s full of spices you probably have on hand, ordinary chicken breast, and other ingredients stocked in most grocery stores. I found everything I needed in a single shopping trip to my regular grocery store.

Lebanese Chicken Fatteh Ingredients

The Process

The instructions for this recipe were well written, and I didn’t have any trouble making it. Although it has quite a few steps, everything was broken down into easy to handle chunks.

This recipe does list a total time of 25 minutes, and I didn’t come close to that. My Lebanese Chicken Fatteh took 40 minutes from start to finish, and I have a feeling the chicken was to blame for the slow-down. Let me explain.

I followed the instructions in the order they were written, and cooking the chicken breast started midway. The upside was I was able to use the same pan to toast the pita, toast the pine nuts, and fry the chicken. And I was able to make the garlic-yogurt sauce while the chicken cooked, but there was a ready long wait before the chicken was ready.

Next time, I’ll add a second skillet and start the chicken first, then move onto toasting the bread and nuts. I’m sure they’ll still be ready before the chicken, and this would cut down on the total time.

Shredding the chicken
Shredding the chicken

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
Lebanese chicken fatteh is a delicious mix of tastes and textures! Each bite was a little different depending on which ingredients my fork picked up. The garlicky yogurt sauce was the unifying theme, though. It was the first taste in every bite, followed by a combination of toasted pine nuts, toasted pita bread, garbanzo beans, and/or chicken. Making this yummy dinner bowl wasn't difficult, but it did take almost double the total time listed. I think starting the chicken first in a second skillet would speed things up, though.
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