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Jamaican Gungo Peas Soup (vegan)

Earlier this week I made a recipe for something I’ve already tried, Jamaican Oxtail Stew. Now I want to try a recipe for something I’ve never tried Jamaican Gungo Peas Soup. Gungo peas are pigeon peas a favorite comfort food of mine. And this recipe is for a vegan version of this soup, making it a healthier but hopefully just as tasty version. Let’s find out!

This easy Jamaican Gungo Peas Soup is so delicious and hearty, perfect for the colder months. Full of flavor with gungo peas, yellow yam, carrot, and dumplings.

Recipe Author: Michelle at Healthier Steps
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The Ingredients

Since this soup is vegan, it’s packed with vegetables and spices. I had to buy all the vegetables, and I found everything except the yellow yams. They were listed as optional, so I didn’t worry about leaving them out too much.

This recipe also calls for dumplings, and you’ll need three ingredients to make them: flour, water, and salt. I had all of these on hand, so no worries there.

Jamaican Gungo Peas Soup (Vegan) Ingredients
Gungo (pigeon) peas, salt, onion, potato, garlic, red bell pepper, flour, scotch bonnet pepper, green onion, carrot, thyme, allspice berries, ginger, and coconut milk

The Process

First up was boiling the gungo peas for 45 minutes. I’m not sure if this step was necessary with canned peas since they’re already tender, but I did it anyway. Next time I think I’ll skip that step and reduce the amount of water to account for evaporation.

While the gungo peas were boiling, I prepped the rest of the ingredients and made the dumplings/spinners. I’ve never made spinners before, so I checked YouTube because I wanted to see how to do it. I used the recipe I found on Healthier Steps (linked from the gungo peas soup recipe) and the methods in this video.

Making the dumplings/spinners
Making the dumplings/spinners

Once the gungo peas were finished boiling, I got started on making the soup. It went very smoothly, but I wasn’t sure when to add the spinners. I quick search on Google and I decided to add them between steps four and five, giving them 20 minutes to cook. They were floating but the time the soup was finished, which meant they were finished cooking.

Chopped vegetables
Chopped red bell pepper, carrots, potato, ginger, garlic, green onions, and onion

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
Earthy gungo peas and vegetables are combined in a spiced coconut broth in a healthier twist on a Jamaican classic. It was filling and packed with deliciousness! Not having the yellow yam made the broth whiter than pictured, but I didn't notice them missing otherwise. The instructions were pretty clear, but I did have to look up when to add the dumplings/spinners. Otherwise, everything went very smoothly.
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