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Filet Mignon in Mushroom Sauce

Some things seem like they were made to go together, and I find that’s true for beef and mushrooms. It’s such a good combination, whether it’s a mushroom and Swiss burger, stroganoff, or steak topped with mushroom sauce. Well, that last one is the combo I’m focusing on today with this Filet Mignon in Mushroom Sauce recipe. Every once in a while I find a good deal on filet mignon, and I end up freezing a few nice steaks. Sometimes I save it for a special occasion, but I usually can’t wait. I inevitably declare a random “special occasion” and cook up a nice meal for no real reason other than I can. It’s good to treat yourself, and today is one of those random “special occasion” days.

An easy, excellent recipe for filet mignon. The mushroom wine sauce is mouthwatering and will give you plenty of recipe requests. Perfect for any occasion.

Recipe Author: Natasha at Natasha’s Kitchen
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The Ingredients

Two filet mignon steaks, check. I had them in the freezer, just waiting for this recipe. The most important ingredient was taken care of, but I still had to buy most everything else. That wasn’t a problem, though, and my usual grocery store had everything I needed. I even managed to find the mushrooms already sliced.

Filet Mignon in Mushroom Sauce Ingredients
Filet mignon, cremini mushrooms, garlic, onion, heavy cream, beef broth, merlot, butter, olive oil, and thyme

The Process

One nice thing about filet mignon is that it’s quick to cook since it’s best when rare to medium-rare. That was true for this recipe, and the steaks took only six minutes (3 minutes per side). However, the mushroom sauce took a bit more time and effort, bringing the total time up to 39 minutes, just short of the 45 minutes listed.

Although this recipe took significantly more time than simply searing the steaks, the effort was well worth it. Making the mushroom sauce involved simple cooking techniques and a little waiting. But everything went according to the instructions, and I didn’t have any issues.

Since the mushrooms were pre-sliced, I had a lot of the prep work already done. In fact, I was able to finish the prep work while the mushrooms cooked (step 1). It was close, though, because stripping the leaves off the thyme took a while. You might want to prep it in advance if you want to take things at a leisurely pace.

As far as special equipment goes, this recipe doesn’t have any. Everything I used was very basic including measuring spoons and cups, a kitchen knife, a cutting board, and a large cast-iron pan.

Filet mignon and mushroom sauce in a cast iron pan
Filet mignon and mushroom sauce in a cast iron pan

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
Beef and mushrooms are a wonderful pairing and this recipe only proves it. I assumed the star of the show would be the tender filet mignon, but the mushroom sauce stole the show. The fresh thyme, garlic, and red wine gave the creamy sauce so much flavor. And as delicious as the mushroom sauce was, it didn't overpower the steaks. Although this recipe wasn't difficult, it did take nearly an hour to make it (most of the work went into the sauce). This recipe will be saved and made again!
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