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Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh

Since I had some bulgur wheat leftover from the Lebanese Bulgur with Chicken, Tomatoes and Chickpeas recipe I made earlier this week, I decided to make a classic bulgur recipe: tabbouleh. I use to make it once in a while, but I’ve gotten lazy and buy it premade when I crave it. But fresh is always better, at least in my book, so I printed this recipe, hit up the produce department, and got cooking. Or mixing since there’s no actual cooking involved. You get the idea!

Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh is a lemony, fresh herb salad with juicy tomatoes and nutritious bulgar (fine cracked wheat).

Recipe Author: Christine at Colorful Recipes
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The Ingredients

The majority of the ingredients for tabbouleh are fresh vegetables, so I had to buy almost everything for this recipe. Most everything was inexpensive and easy to find except the bulgur wheat. I had to hunt around the grocery store and finally found it with the breadcrumbs. Not sure of the reasoning there, but the important part was I found it!

Fresh & Light Authentic Lebanese Tabbouleh Ingredients
Parsley, olive oil, bulgur wheat, scallions, mint, tomatoes, lemons, and red onion

The Process

This was a two-part recipe and needed a little planning. The first part was prepping the parsley by removing most of the stems, washing it, and laying it out to dry overnight. I dried my parsley on wire baking racks instead of leaving it on damp paper towels so there would be more air circulation.

The next day was a lot of chopping and assembling my tabbouleh salad. For the most part,  adding everything to a giant bowl and mixing it thoroughly. I spent 30 minutes on this recipe, just as it stated, and that broke down to 15 minutes each day. It really was quick!

One thing to note about the salt was I used coarse sea salt instead of table salt. I know it may sound odd, but it’s not as salty as the finer table salt. You might want to start with half the amount of salt if you use regular table salt. You can always add more if you like.

Chopped parsley, scallions, mint leaves, tomatoes, red onion, and sliced lemons
Chopped parsley, scallions, mint leaves, tomatoes, red onion, and sliced lemons

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
I absolutely loved this tabbouleh recipe! It was crisp, lemony, and utterly perfect--far better than the ready-made stuff I normally buy. You do need to plan a little and allow the parsley to dry overnight after you wash it. The extra planning ensures you don't end up with a soggy salad which is so important. All in all, I spent 30 minutes making this recipe and only needed basic kitchen skills to do it.
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