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Pork Marsala with Mushrooms and Shallots

Pork Marsala is one of those classic dishes I’ve made a million times over the years. This recipe caught my eye because of the addition of Dijon mustard. I like Marsala wine and Dijon mustard, but I really wasn’t sure the two would work together. Well, there was only one way to find out, and that means I need to make the recipe. How else will I solve this mystery?

Pork Marsala with Mushrooms and Shallots- a crazy simple yet scrumptiously great dinner, served in 30 minutes or less!

Recipe Author: Chrissi at First Home Love Life
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The Ingredients

The list of ingredients for this pork Marsala recipe is a little long, but there’s nothing hard to find on it. I had several items on hand like the butter, flour, and garlic powder. I even had a bottle of Marsala cooking wine in my pantry and some leftover shallots from another recipe. All I needed to buy were the garlic, thyme, mushrooms, and pork chops. I was fortunate to find a package of thinly slices boneless pork chops that were made for this recipe, and they were just a touch over $5 and exactly 1 pound.

Pork Marsala with Mushrooms and Shallots Ingredients
Pork chops, Marsala wine, baby bella mushrooms, olive oil, thyme, butter, garlic, flour, garlic powder, and shallots

The Process

I spent 31 minutes on this recipe, making it excellent for a weeknight dinner. That broke down to 11 minutes of prep work and 21 minutes to cook. Speaking of cooking, I did take a couple of liberties with the instructions to make sure the super-thin pork chops weren’t overcooked.

First, I removed the pork chops from the pan after I browned them and before adding the mushrooms, shallots, and garlic in Step 4. I think that made mixing in the Marsala wine and chicken broth easier too. Then I added the pork chops back into the pan and let them cook for 7 minutes. Then I removed the pork chops from the pan again and kept them on a foil-covered plate to keep warm. That made it easy to thoroughly mix in the Dijon mustard and let it thicken without worrying my pork chops would be overdone (and they weren’t).

Pork Marsala with Mushrooms and Shallots

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
Pork Marsala with Dijon mustard in the sauce? It might sound odd, but it really does work! This recipe lives up to the author's claim that it's "crazy simple" too. The ingredients were reasonably priced and easy to find, and I had a rather elegant looking main course made in about half an hour. It was perfect for a weeknight meal without a lot of fuss, though I would be completely comfortable serving it for a special occasion. It was that good!
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