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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats

I rarely drink soda anymore, so I like to make it count when I do. That means diet is not an option. If I’m going to indulge, I don’t want it to have that fake sweetener taste. And since I’ve kicked my caffeine habit, dark cherry soda has become my go-to flavor of soda. That’s why I decided I needed to try this recipe for Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats. Well, that and the dark chocolate and bourbon. There’s nothing in this recipe for bourbon floats I don’t like. Let’s see if they all taste good together.

We love some spiked floats in this house. Well, I enjoy them… my husband is NUTS over them. Adores them. They are like one of his favorite things.

Recipe Author: Jessica Merchant at How Sweet Eats
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The Ingredients

With only 3 ingredients, my shopping list for this recipe for bourbon floats was super short. I already had a bottle of bourbon for the chocolate chip cookies I just made. That left bottles of cherry soda and dark chocolate ice cream. I roamed the soda and frozen aisles and ended up with dark cherry soda and chocolate ice cream. And I was hoping that was at least close enough for this recipe. Fingers crossed!

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats
Bourbon, cherry soda, and chocolate ice cream

The Process

Making these bourbon floats was as easy as I thought it would be. It only took me 2 minutes to scoop the chocolate ice cream, add shots of bourbon, and top it all off with a can drink of dark cherry soda. The recipe calls for 2 bottles of soda, so I’m thinking my glasses were too small or I added too much ice cream (like that’s possible!). Either way, I ended up with some of the best ice cream floats I’ve ever had!

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats

So how was it?

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Spiked ice cream floats make an awesome summertime dessert, and this recipe for bourbon floats combines some of my favorite flavors of soda, ice cream, and alcohol. Dark cherry soda poured over bourbon and chocolate ice cream is as good as it sounds. It’s fizzy and sweet with a definite taste of bourbon. The brand of chocolate ice cream I used was very soft and melted into the soda after a good stir. That really gave this float a chocolate flavor, and I didn’t end up having to eat the ice cream after I finished drinking. All in all, the perfect float.
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