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Mexican Watermelon Salad

This week’s second post was inspired by two things: summer and the Mexican-style Slow Cooker Pork and Black Bean Soup I just made. Watermelon might as well be the official summertime fruit as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better, healthier treat than watermelon straight out of the refrigerator on a hot day. It’s so sweet and juicy, and the best way to cool off that doesn’t require putting on a bathing suit. This version of watermelon salad adds something new for me–jicama–and I’m really psyched to try it.

Today I am sharing a new recipe for inspiration. My first instinct was to mix it up with some Mexican flavors, and I’ve gotta say – it turned out really good! Who knew that you could get crunchy, sweet, salty, slightly spicy, and sour all in one dish? Enjoy!

Recipe Author: Kiran Dodeja Smith at 100 Days of Real Food
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The Ingredients

With only six ingredients, I didn’t have a long grocery list. Well, actually our ingredients since I had the salt and chili powder already. I got everything needed for just over $10.

The jicama was a little tricky. I ordered my groceries from Whole Foods this week and chose 1 pound for the jicama. I ended up with one very small jicama (about the size of my fist) that wasn’t enough for this recipe. Apparently, it’s very dense and therefore quite heavy. Mr. Pinner was gracious enough to venture out to our local Publix and find me another, much larger jicama. Half of it was enough for the salad.

Mexican Watermelon Salad Ingredients
Watermelon, jicama, cilantro, lime, chili powder, and salt

The Process

First up was cutting up the watermelon. It looked like it would take forever, so I went straight to YouTube to see if I could find a better way. Spoiler: I did! This beautiful fruit salad was ready in just 13 minutes thanks to this tutorial titled How to Cube a Watermelon in Record Time.

Next up was the jicama, and I really wish I had checked YouTube for a tutorial on how to peel it. The skin is thick and tough, and my vegetable peeler was no match for it. I ended up using a paring knife and slicing off more of the fleshy white interior than needed. No harm done since the root was huge, but there is an easier way to peel jicama.

The hard work was done! All that was left was chopping the cilantro and mixing the rest of the ingredients to make a dressing of sorts.

Mexican Watermelon Salad

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
I have to say that this watermelon salad was absolutely beautiful! It was quick to make and made a lovely presentation. However, my husband and I had mixed feelings on the taste. I liked the mix of sweet, spicy, and salty while he thought it just tasted like cilantro and watermelon. Neither of us could taste the jicama, but it did add some texture and made the salad visually interesting. The instructions and accompanying lacked any pointers on how to peel and cut up the main ingredients. Not that I couldn't have figured it out, but a quick internet search really helped.
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