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Pecan Pie Ice Cream Pie

I really like pecan pie, but my husband finds it too sweet for his taste (and I’ve heard that from many people over the years). This ice cream version sounded like a great compromise. It has pecans galore (in the crust, filling, and topping), lots of butter and ice-cream. I was really excited to try this new dessert!

A new twist on the classic pecan pie: a nutty pressed pie crust is filled with a buttery, rich pecan-vanilla ice cream.

Recipe Author: Saveur
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The Ingredients

This is another recipe with fairly simple ingredients that were easy to find. I do have to admit I didn’t churn my own ice cream. Instead, I found Breyers® Homemade Vanilla ice cream. I set it on the counter for about 20 minutes to soften, and it was very easy to mix in the candied pecans. It even set nicely after I made and froze the pie. It was a real time saver!

Pecan Pie Ice Cream Pie Ingredients
Pecans, flour, sugar, vanilla ice cream, egg, and butter

The Process

There are a few pieces of equipment you really need for this recipe:

Making the crust was the most challenging part. Well, rolling it out and getting it into the pie pan. I don’t bake much, but I was able to do it in 2 tries. I learned that flour is my friend when it comes to dough, and there is no such thing as too much on your work surface or rolling pin.

This recipe did take some time and effort, and I’m glad it was the second dish I started. I was able to work on it and switch to other things while it was cooking and cooling. Here’s how my time broke down:

  • 12 minutes to prep
  • 1 hour to refrigerate dough
  • 10 minutes to roll dough for crust
  • 20 minutes to bake the crust
  • 13 minutes to prep and cook pecans
  • 9 minutes to mix the ice-cream and garnish
  • 4 hours to freeze (minimum)
  • 6 hours 4 minutes Total

I ended up refrigerating the pie overnight, and we had it the next day. It worked out well for us because we were stuffed after the big Thanksgiving meal. Next time I will make this recipe the day before.

Getting ready to roll out the pie crust dough
Getting ready to roll out the pie crust dough

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Yes, this recipe is a lot of work, but boy is it good! The directions were very clear and easy to follow. The crust reminded me of pecan sandies but not quite as sweet. It was nice and crisp, and the ice cream didn’t make it soggy at all. I think the best part was the candied pecans. They were so simple to make and I loved the caramelized flavor and crisp texture they added to the ice-cream filling. Topping the pie with pecan halves was simple, quick, and made it look great (a big bonus considering my limited baking skills). It’s definitely a special occasion dish, and it will be made again!
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