Sunday, August 2, 2020

Sake Mojito

I thought Asian-Latin fusion cuisine was crazy, but those Korean Beef Tacos I just made were so good! So maybe this fusion cuisine thing isn’t so weird after all. Maybe, LOL! So I thought I would keep going with this theme just to make sure. Today it’s Japanese-Cuban fusion cocktails with the Sake Mojito. It sounds just as odd to me as Korean tacos, but look how that turned out. Still, sake with mint and lime? I don’t know about this…

Refreshing sake mojito with crushed mint and a splash of lime, perfect for that warm day in the backyard.

Recipe Author: Nami at Family Spice guest post at Just One Cookbook
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The Ingredients

Most of the ingredients are basics that are easy to find in typical grocery stores, even the sake. Don’t believe me? Check the wine section at a local grocery store. Mine keeps it on a bottom shelf, but it’s there.

I’ve heard the brand I bought, Gekkeikan, called the Budweiser of sake and my local grocery store stocks it for around $10. I normally only cook with this brand because it’s on the dry side (I prefer sweet sake), but I thought a dry sake would work best for this cocktail. Spoiler alert: it did!

Sake Mojito Ingredients
Sake, mint leaves, lime, sugar, and club soda

The Process

This sake mojito was simple to make and only took me 4 minutes. Although I enjoy flavored syrups and infusions, there was none of that here. Just a little muddling and shaking to blend the mint, lime, sugar, and sake.

And speaking of sugar, there isn’t much to this cocktail. I’m the kind of person who likes my cocktails on the crisp side, so that wasn’t a disappointment.

In addition to the ingredients, this cocktail recipe calls for the following equipment:

So how was my sake mojito? Keep reading to find out!

Cutting the lime
Cutting the lime

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
I wasn't sure if I would like this sake mojito recipe, but I have to say it was pretty good--it certainly lived up to the author's claim that it would be a refreshing cocktail. The lime and sake were the standout tastes. The club soda and shaking diluted the sake, giving it a milder taste. The lime and mint were nice additions, giving this cocktail a little bite and truly making it refreshing. I didn't notice the sugar, but I'm sure it also lightened up the flavor of the sake. A quick muddle and a bit of shaking made my sake mojito in only 4 minutes.
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