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Best Buttermilk Lemon Squares

Lemon seems to be a theme with me lately, and dessert is no exception. I adore lemon meringue pie, but I hate making the meringue with a hand mixer. It takes forever!! I just happened to find a lemon dessert that has the crust and filling, but no merengue to mix–these lemon squares. Perfect!

Bright, tangy, and creamy… these lemon squares are foolproof. A buttery crust is topped with a creamy lemon custard, for a light and easy dessert!

Recipe Author: Amanda at The Chunky Chef
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The Ingredients

This is another recipe that I had most of the ingredients on hand for. I only had to buy buttermilk, butter, and lemons. Everything else was already in the pantry. Score!

Speaking of lemons, I bought 2 and almost got enough juice for my lemon bars out of them. Fortunately, I had some lemon juice on hand to top it off to a 1/2 cup. I’d recommend buying at least 3 for the juice and a fourth for the optional garnish just to be on the safe side.

Best Buttermilk Lemon Squares
Buttermilk, eggs, butter, flour, sugar, and lemon

The Process

I ended up baking the lemon bars for 25 minutes, cooling them for an hour, and refrigerating them overnight.

The tip about lining the pan with foil so all the bars could be lifted out at once for cutting worked out beautifully. Unfortunately, the very middle didn’t set as well as the edges, and I lost about 3 bars because they fell apart as soon as I cut them. Also, it helps to spray your knife with Pam or something similar so it slices smoothly.

I used a sifter to dust the lemon bars with powdered sugar. You could also use a mesh colander and lightly tap it while moving it over the bars.

Best Buttermilk Lemon Squares
Step 5: Just out of the oven

So how was it?

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These lemon bars were sweet and lemony with a firm, buttery crust, and not too tart. I tasted and smelled the lemon first, then the sweetness of the sugars, and noticed a lemon aftertaste. The bars needed to be firmer so they didn't fall apart when cut. I lost 3 from the center section right away, and some of the others melted not long after. I would like to remake them with 5-10 minutes longer in the oven to see if the filling sets a little more thoroughly. Otherwise, I really enjoyed them! The bars were very rich, so the small serving size was plenty.
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