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Indian Spiced Lamb Chops with Cucumber Salad

Two things I love are Indian food and convenience. This recipe has both, and I adore the fact that the main and side are both included. I call them “total package recipes”, and they make meal planning so much easier!

When I think of the warm aromas that spices bring to my kitchen, I feel happy. Very, very happy. There is just nothing like it. I actually cannot imagine my life without the smell of spices wafting through my kitchen. Whether it is cinnamon with it’s intense comforting properties or smoked paprika with it’s sweet and smoky flavour, spices really make my world go round.

Recipe Author: Alida Ryder at Simply Delicious
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The Ingredients

I really enjoy simple recipes, and there weren’t a lot of ingredients for this one. Most everything was already on hand, and I just had to buy the lamb, produce and vinegar. None of the ingredients were difficult to find or expensive. Gotta love that!

Indian Spiced Lamb Chops with Cucumber Salad Ingredients
Lamb chops, olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, red onion, cucumber, and spices

The Process

I made the cucumber salad first so it could marinate while I made the lamb chops. The prep work took 10 minutes. Be sure to use a nonreactive bowl to marinate it since it has vinegar in the recipe. (I used a covered plastic container.)

The lamb chops took 15 minutes total, with 4 minutes to prep, 6 minutes to cook (3 minutes per side), and 5 minutes to rest. Total time for everything was 25 minutes since I marinated the salad while I made the lamb.

Lamb Chops Sprinkled with Spices

So how was it?

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I loved the combo of the cool salad with the spicy lamb! The turmeric was a nice counter to the gamey taste of the meat, and there was just a hint of heat from the chili powder. The cucumber salad was sweet and tart with a slight heat from the red onion. It worked very well with the lamb. I highly recommend this recipe for a quick weeknight dinner.
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