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Red, White, and Blueberry Bacon Burger with Basil Aioli

Independence Day is this Saturday, and I feel the need to celebrate with a backyard cookout. Burgers are always great for that, but I wanted to make it extra special with this Red, White, and Blueberry Bacon Burger with Basil Aioli recipe. I’ve had burgers with bacon and aioli, but blueberries? I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking the same thing. But the blueberries are simmered into a compote with balsamic vinegar, so I’m thinking it will be more tart than sweet. Whether or not it’s good with a bacon cheeseburger remains to be seen. But we all know there’s only one way to find out, and that’s to make this recipe. Let’s get grilling!

This Red, White, and Blueberry Bacon Burger with Basil Aioli is a mouthful in every sense! A perfectly seasoned and grilled hamburger gets topped with rich havarti cheese, blueberry balsamic compote, red onions, arugula, and an easy basil aioli, all on a brioche bun. Perfect for Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or any other day of the year!

Recipe Author: Amy Nash at House of Nash Eats
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The Ingredients

These burgers sound complicated, and they do have quite the list of ingredients. But despite the crazy run on groceries (I’m writing this in April), I didn’t have any trouble finding in the ingredients. I did opt for frozen blueberries, though, since I had exactly the amount I needed in my freezer. I’m trying to buy only what I need and since demand is so high.

And although the author recommends a specific brand of burger seasoning, I used the McCormick seasoning I had in my pantry. I don’t know how they compare, but the McCormick is good (I used it on these Cheeseburger Stuffed Shells), and I didn’t want to order a nonessential item right now.

Red, White, and Blueberry Bacon Burger with Basil Aioli Ingredients
Frozen blueberries, bacon, hamburger seasoning, cornstarch, sugar, basil, brioche buns, Havarti cheese, red onion, garlic, lemons, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, arugula, and ground beef

The Process

When I printed this recipe I was three pages long 😳 But things went very smoothly once I got started. It was a pleasant surprise! The instructions break things down into manageable sections. I was grateful for since I was cooking these burgers by myself.

I started by frying the bacon and prepping the burgers. Pre-made hamburger patties are usually the way I go, but I decided to make them myself this time. And I’ve learned from past mistakes to make the patties a little bigger in diameter than the buns. The burgers will shrink when they grill and end up closer to the size of the buns.

Once the bacon was done, it was onto the blueberry compote and basil aioli. I got the blueberry compote to simmering in a small saucepan, but I wasn’t sure if it needed to be covered. I went with uncovered since it wasn’t specified, then I got started on the aioli. All I need to do to mix it up was to blend it in my mini-prep. Easy peasy.

The blueberry compote was still simmering by the time the aioli was done, so I ran outside and got the grill lit and started preheating. After stirring the cornstarch slurry into the compote and removing it from the heat to cool, it was onto grilling the hamburgers. I grilled them for 4 minutes per side and brought them back inside to rest for 5 minutes.

Then it was time to assemble these beauties, snap a few photos, and chow down. Read on for the final verdict.

Seasoned hamburger patties ready to go onto the grill
Seasoned hamburger patties ready to go onto the grill

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
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I didn't think blueberries and burgers were a thing, but it's a thing. A wonderful, wonderful thing! This blueberry bacon burger was a heavenly mix of tastes and textures. Savory hamburgers on buttery brioche buns sound good to me, but that's just the beginning. Top that with melty Havarti cheese, salty bacon, sweet and tart blueberry compote, crisp red onions, and a touch of arugula for some color. I'm telling you, burger heaven!! Even though there are a lot of ingredients and steps to make this recipe, it wasn't all that difficult. I had mine made in 35 minutes. Not bad at all.
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