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Mediterranean Salmon

This year’s Christmas holiday dinner was divine, but now I’m craving something on the lighter side. I haven’t had salmon in a while, so I headed over to my seafood board on Pinterest to find a new salmon recipe to try. This Mediterranean Salmon more than fit the bill since it includes a side of fennel and cherry tomatoes to go with the salmon. I love finding recipes for the entire meal in one, so I’m super excited to try this one!

Pan-roast salmon filets with fennel bulb and cherry tomatoes for a delicious gourmet meal that’s ready in just 20 minutes!

Recipe Author: McCormick via Life, Love, and Good Food
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The Ingredients

Despite this recipe being for a main and a side, the list of ingredients wasn’t very long. A lot of the ingredients were spices, along with olive oil and sugar, and I had all those in my pantry. I had to stop by the seafood counter for a salmon fillet and the produce department for the fresh ingredients.

Mediterranean Salmon Ingredients
Salmon, fennel, basil, garlic powder, oregano, rosemary, sea salt, olive oil, sugar, cherry tomatoes, and lemon

The Process

My Mediterranean Salmon was ready in only 21 minutes–a really short amount of time for a full meal.

I was afraid the salmon would fall apart easily since it had to be flipped. Fortunately, salmon is a firm fish, and I’m sure keeping the skin on and using a nonstick skillet helped too. Flipping it with a pair of tongs was very easy, and the filets didn’t fall apart.

Another worry was that the fennel and tomatoes would not cook enough in the five to six minutes specified. I cooked everything for six minutes and loved how it turned out. The tomatoes were beginning to split their skins, and the fennel softened but still had a little crisp texture.

Seasoning the salmon filets
Seasoning the salmon filets

So how was it?

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I can’t wait to make this recipe again! The salmon was seasoned nicely, and pan searing was an excellent way to cook it. The outside of the fish had a nice crust, and the inside was moist and flaky. The accompanying vegetables were a nice mix of sweet (from the sugar) and tangy (the cherry tomatoes) with a slightly crisp texture (from the fennel). And this complete, healthy meal was ready in just 21 minutes. That's ridiculously fast for a sumptuous meal!
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