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Lavender Lemonade Mojitos

My week of lavender recipes is coming to an end. I’m a little bummed about that since the recipes I’ve made so far have been so good. And since both were also paired with citrus, I decided to end the week with a cocktail that does the same: Lavender Lemonade Mojitos. This recipe fits my theme so well!

Made with a lavender simple syrup and homemade lemonade muddled with mint, these Lavender Lemonade Mojitos are the prettiest color and make for the perfect summer cocktail.

Recipe Author: Sues at We Are Not Martha
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The Ingredients

My grocery list for this cocktail was super short since I had most of the ingredients already on hand to make a lavender lamb dish and lemon lavender cupcakes. I even had rum leftover from the strawberry mojitos I recently made. All I had to do was buy the fresh mint.

Lavender Lemonade Mojitos Ingredients
Rum, lemon juice, mint, lavender, and sugar

The Process

This Lavender Lemonade Mojito cocktail recipe was made in 2 parts, for a total time of 1 hour and 22 minutes. The first part was making the lavender simple syrup. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to make, and the 1 hour was inactive time letting the lavender steep in the syrup while it cooled. I have to say it smelled incredibly good while it was simmering! I could have skipped the sugar and just simmered the lavender to scent my house.

The second part was mixing up a pitcher of cocktails. That took a total of 7 minutes, mainly because I had to juice 8 lemons to get 1cup of lemon juice. This was 1 time I was very glad to have an electric juicer. I normally use a wooden citrus reamer for easy cleanup, but it would have taken forever. My electric juicer also strained the seeds and pulp to save even more time.

Making the lavender simple syrup
Making the lavender simple syrup

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Lavender, lemon, and mint combine to make a floral but tart Lavender Lemonade Mojito cocktail. This recipe was simple to make, and the fact that it’s for a pitcher of drinks makes it ideal for a spring or summer party. Just be aware that you can’t taste the rum, and it’s very easy to sip these cocktails fast. They start off with the taste of lemon and mint and finish with a very strong lavender taste. It’s almost like drinking perfume, so you definitely need to like lavender if you make this recipe. I would have liked to try it with sparkling water, and I have enough lavender simple syrup leftover to give that version a try.
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