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For Goodness Saké

A Saké and Ginger Cocktail

I have to finish out this Asian-themed week with a cocktail. I thought about dessert, but it’s a cocktail kind of week. After a bit of searching through my Pinterest Drinks board, I found the perfect cocktail recipe: For Goodness Saké. How clever is the name? I love it! I don’t see many sake recipes on Pinterest, so this is a must-try. I love sake, but I can take or leave pickled ginger. To be honest, I mostly leave it on the side of the plate. Not this time! This time I’m going to throw it into my cocktail. (Never thought I would say that!)

An intriguing mix of sake and pickled ginger in this cocktail.

Recipe Author: Jay and Leah at Gastronom Cocktails
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The Ingredients

This cocktail only has a few ingredients, but I had most of them on hand. I had a bottle of sake on my bar, simple syrup in the refrigerator, and pickled ginger in my pantry. Funny story about that.

I have difficulty getting around, so I order my groceries from Whole Foods most of the time. They’re pretty good about letting me know if something is out of stock and suggesting a replacement. Well, I must have missed that ginger was out of stock one day, and they automatically a replacement in my order.

As I went through my groceries, I found the jar of pickled ginger. I think I laughed, then I just put it in my pantry and thought it would sit there, unopened, forever. Then I ran across this For Goodness Saké, and I almost jumped for joy—that pickled ginger would be used after all!

So all I had to buy for this recipe was a few limes. Easy-peasy and 3 limes set me back a whole 50 cents.

For Goodness Saké – A Saké and Ginger Cocktail Ingredients
Saké, pickled ginger, lime juice, and simple syrup

The Process

I have said it for a long time, but I need a mixing glass. Well, this time I finally bought one so I could properly make this drink.

I even broke out the ice trays and used ice cubes instead of the wedges that come out of the refrigerator door. Fancy!

Making my For Goodness Saké cocktail was nice and easy. Just add all the ingredients except the slice of ginger to the mixing glass with ice, stir, and string into a coupe glass.

I tried getting the ginger to look like it does in the recipe photo, but it kept flopping over. Other than that, things went smoothly, and I had a cocktail to enjoy in 3 minutes.

So how was it?

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For Goodness Saké, this was a unique cocktail! The pickled ginger was the main flavor, as expected, but it wasn't the only one. The simple syrup added some much-needed sweetness, and the lime added to the tanginess. Overall, it was a nice balance of sweet and tangy. I couldn't taste the sake, but that wasn't surprising considering the big flavors that accompanied it. I don't see this becoming a regular in my cocktail repertoire, but I'm glad I tried it.
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