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Red Wine Champagne Sangria

How else to end a week of Latin and Latin-inspired food but with sangria? I’ve never made it, so you know that means I had to give it a try! Plus it’s probably the easiest fruit cocktail there is to make. I fell in love when I saw “champagne” in the name because it’s my favorite type of wine (and a great excuse to pop a cork!).

Red wine champagne sangria is delicious, refreshing, and perfect for the spring and summer months. This sangria includes juicy, fresh fruit.

Recipe Author: Brandi at Stay Snatched
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The Ingredients

I don’t drink wine very often, but I’m a huge fan of champagne. Louis Bouillot is my go-to brand, although it’s technically a sparkling wine since it’s made in the Burgundy region of France. A friend who collects wine introduced me to it several years ago, and it’s all I drink now. I chose the extra dry for this sangria. It’s priced at $20, which is inexpensive for champagnes.

How did I select the red? I did what most people do: I picked the one with a label I liked. I prefer dry reds when I drink non-sparkling wine, but I don’t really know much about them. I thought the name of this was cute (Running with Scissors), and it was priced right at $12.

Red Wine Champagne Sangria Ingredients
Red wine, champagne, sugar, orange, apple, and strawberries

The Process

It doesn’t get much easier than this recipe: Slice fruit, add sugar and wine, chill, top with champagne and drink. It took 8 minutes to prep plus the 2 hours to chill. Also, I did lightly muddle the fruit with a spoon to release the juices/flavors into the wine.

I chose to top off each glass with a little champagne since I wasn’t going to drink the entire pitcher at once. I worked on it over a couple of nights, making sure the pitcher was covered when I stored it. The taste of the fruit was a little stronger each night, and I was kind of sad to finish it off.

One thing to note: Step 1 starts off, “Add the fresh fruit and sangria…” I assumed that was a typo and should have read, “Add the fresh fruit and sugar…”

Red Wine Champagne Sangria

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
The tastes of the wine and champagne are softened and sweetened with the fruit and sugar. This sangria smells like fresh orange and has a slightly fruity taste. The fruit taste deepens the longer you let the fruit steep in the wine. It's a sangria-mimosa hybrid that's sweet and tart while being smooth and easy to drink.
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