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White Chocolate Latte

Even though I don’t drink coffee every day like I used to, I still love it. I use it in desserts a lot, especially chocolate desserts, but a coffee drink is a rare treat for me. I try to make it special when I do have it, which is why I’m giving this White Chocolate Latte recipe a try. It looks and sounds like the coffee house drinks I used to love. Well, I still love them, just not as often LOL! So, today I’m becoming a barista and whipping up a fancy coffee drink right in my own kitchen. I hope this isn’t too complicated, because I’m barely functional in the morning!

Delicious, easy, homemade white chocolate latte recipe that will have you sipping lattes whenever you want!

Recipe Author: Julie Evink at Julie’s Eats and Treats
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The Ingredients

This is a little more than my usual coffee, but oh so worth it! I had the vanilla and almond extracts, as well as the sugar in my pantry. I had some leftover mini white chocolate chips from the Oreo-Stuffed Double Chocolate Cookie Cups I made waaaay back in January. I even had some leftover milk from the Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo I just made.

I had to buy the rest, but that was only two items: instant coffee and half and half. What grocery store doesn’t carry those? Needless to say, shopping was easy.

White Chocolate Latte Ingredients
Half and half, white chocolate chips, almond extract, vanilla extract, sugar, low-fat milk, and instant coffee

The Process

The total time listed to make this White Chocolate Latte recipe is listed as 15 minutes. I had mine made and garnished in 9 minutes. Yes, it was a little more work than a cup of instant coffee with cream and sugar, but not that much.

All I had to do was heat the milk, half and half, white chocolate chips, and instant coffee in a saucepan. Tip: Use a non-stick pan and keep the heat at medium. It will keep the milk from burning and sticking to the bottom of the pan. It takes a little longer, but you won’t have burned milk chunks floating in your latte, and the pan will be easier to clean.

I kept stirring until the chocolate chips melted, then I removed the pan from the heat and added the vanilla and almond extracts. Boom! My White Chocolate Latte was ready in under 10 minutes.

A quick squirt of canned whipped cream and dusting of cocoa powder finished things off. I used about 1/4 a teaspoon of cocoa powder and sifted it through a fine mesh strainer. Honestly, though, the latte was so good that I didn’t notice either of them, but they look cute in the photos.

White chocolate chips
White chocolate chips

So how was it?

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This White Chocolate Latte is heaven in a mug! It's sweet and creamy, with a hint of almond that reminds me of amaretto. It's better than anything I've ever gotten at a cafe, and it was so easy to make. That's huge for me in the morning! I had mine ready and garnished with whipped cream in 9 minutes, a bit quicker than the 15 minutes listed in the recipe. That was completely okay with me, though, because morning caffeine is an urgent need. This latte was a huge Pinterest success and will become a go-to treat for me!
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