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Tiramisu Milkshake

If you’ve been reading my blog or just poking around, you may have noticed I like tiramisu. Okay, I LOVE tiramisu. And I’ve made it three ways so far for this blog. Well, today is time for the fourth way: a Tiramisu Milkshake. I am so looking forward to trying this recipe!

Tiramisu Milkshake Recipe – sweet and creamy shake that tastes just like Tiramisu! Serve with ladyfingers and enjoy!

Recipe Author: Anna at Crunchy Creamy Sweet
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The Ingredients

Drink recipes usually have short ingredients lists, and this tiramisu milkshake recipe is no exception. I got really lucky and had everything except the ladyfingers (biscotti savoirdi) garnish.

The vanilla ice cream I had wasn’t the brand called for in the recipe, but I was okay with that. Instead of Breyer’s, I used Blue Bell. I like it for milkshakes because it’s soft and creamy right out of the container. There’s no struggle to scoop it at all, and it’s easy on my blender.

Another substitution I made was the espresso powder. I had instant espresso crystals in my pantry, so I pulled them in my mini-prep and it turned the crystals into a powder.

Tiramisu Milkshake Ingredients
Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, cocoa powder, ladyfinger cookies, and espresso powder

The Process

I’m sure it’s no surprise this recipe was quick and easy to make. I had my tiramisu milkshake blended and garnished in 3 minutes.

Speaking of garnishes, don’t skip them. They’re usually just decoration, but they really add to the taste of this milkshake. Dipping the ladyfingers in the shake and cocoa powder covered whipped cream was heavenly!

Finally, I used a soda glass for this shake, as you can see in the first picture. The recipe says it makes two servings, but I got just over a glass full. You’ll need to use smaller glasses or double the recipe for two servings.

Tiramisu Milkshake

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
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This recipe is tiramisu in a glass, ready in three minutes. It’s also easy to make and garnish, and the garnishes add to the tiramisu taste (and are very pretty). The milkshake itself has a sweet, creamy coffee taste. Dipping the ladyfingers into the shake and whipped cream that has been sprinkled with cocoa powder is heavenly. This recipe really hits the mark for tiramisu flavor and would make an excellent quick dessert. Just be sure to double up the recipe for two servings unless you’re using small glasses.
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