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Citrus Cardamom Coffee Spritzer AKA Monday Mocktail

I’ve come across coffee spritzer recipes on Pinterest, and they intrigue me. And I’ve had plenty of coffee drinks including cocktails, but none of them involved seltzer or lemon. Cardamom, sure, and it is a nice accompaniment to coffee. I’m not so sure about the other two if I’m being completely honest. But there’s only one way to know for sure if they work together or not, and that’s to give this Citrus Cardamom Coffee Spritzer a try. Here’ we go!

Bubbles, spice, caffeine, and cool.

Recipe Author: Melinda at Recipe Fiction
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The Ingredients

I actually had all of this cocktail’s ingredients on hand, so no shopping required! I did have to make the cardamom simple syrup a few days ahead of time so it had time to steep. It was a simple process using sugar, water, and green cardamom pods that took 20 minutes plus time to cool. And for those not inclined to make their own, cardamom simple syrup can be purchased ready-made.

I also made the coffee in advance so it had time to chill. Of course, you could also use ready-made cold brew coffee if you prefer (my grocery store stocks it in the dairy section, near the milk of course).

Citrus Cardamom Coffee Spritzer Ingredients
Coffee, cardamom, lemon, sugar, and seltzer

The Process

With the cardamom simple syrup and the coffee made in advance, the hard work was done. When I was ready to make my Citrus Cardamom Coffee Spritzer, all I had to do was add ice and the ingredients to a tall glass. I had my mocktail made in 3 minutes. Then it was time for the most important part: the taste test (I gave my coffee spritzer a quick stir first).

So how was it?

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This Citrus Cardamom Coffee Spritzer is an interesting take on iced coffee. I don't see it replacing my traditional iced coffee, but I did like the change of pace. It was sweet and bubbly with hints of lemon and cardamom. I found it tasty and refreshing! It really was cocktail-like, which was a little odd since I made it in the late morning. If you prefer yours in the evening, I would suggest trying it with decaf because you'll want more than one.
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