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Maple Bourbon Cocktail

Being a native Floridian and bourbon lover, I had to try this cocktail. Maker’s Mark with freshly squeezed orange juice. Um, yeah! The maple syrup intrigued me. Would it be too sweet? Only one way to find out…

Deep and slightly sweet with a lasting warmth from the bourbon and maple. In other words, just what you need to warm your belly on a cold night.

Recipe Author: Emily at Jelly Toast
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The Ingredients

I adore simple recipes, and four ingredients doesn’t get much simpler. Everything was easy to find at the liquor grocery stores. In fact, I normally have all but the fresh orange on hand. I bought an average size orange and was able to make 5 cocktails with it.

Maple Bourbon Cocktail Ingredients
Bourbon, maple syrup, fresh orange juice, and Angostura bitters

The Process

I’m not the best bartender, but this was pretty easy to make, garnish and all. In fact, the garnish was the most complex step, and even that was easier then I thought. I just peeled a bit of the orange I had juiced, wrapped that around a maraschino cherry, and stuck a toothpick through it. Not a step I would normally take just for myself, but for you, my dear readers, I’m going that extra mile 🙂

Even with the garnish, my cocktail was ready in 5 minutes.

Special Equipment

So how was it?

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A quick and easy cocktail that any bourbon aficionado will enjoy. The bourbon is the most distinct taste, while the orange juice is the most distinct scent. You catch that delicious citrus smell just as you bring the glass to your mouth for a sip. The maple syrup adds a subtle touch of sweetness that compliments the bourbon very well. It's a sweet cocktail, but not overly so.
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