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Lavender Lemon Bars

After all the dreary raininess that’s been summer, I loved the bright, lemony pasta recipe I just made. So in that vein, I’m trying a bright, lemony dessert this week: Lavender Lemon Bars. My mom always said yellow cheered her up, so I’m going for the same effect with all this lemon. And I need it with all the cloudiness and rain! Seriously, this is supposed to be sunny South Florida, and lately, the sun has been lacking. I kinda miss it.

These Lavender Lemon Bars are a sweet twist on traditional lemon bars! Homemade lavender sugar is used in the crust and filling, to add a light lavender flavor. They’re tangy, sweet, and refreshing!

Recipe Author: Elizabeth at Sugar Hero
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The Ingredients

This recipe is a mix of pantry staples, fresh items, and one that you might need to order. I had the staple items–sugar, flour, vanilla, and salt. I even had the culinary lavender leftover from other recipes (I originally ordered it from Amazon). The fresh lemons, eggs, and butter had to be shopped for, making this a short grocery list.

Lavender Lemon Bars Ingredients
Lavender, lemons, vanilla extract, salt, butter, eggs, sugar, and flour

The Process

These lavender lemon bars took a while to make, but they weren’t difficult. I had mine ready in 1 hour 6 minutes, not including time to cool.

The instructions broke the phases down into easy to follow, manageable steps. As far as equipment, you’ll need the basics like measuring spoons and cups, mixing bowls, aluminum foil, and a 9'x13' baking pan.

You will also need a blender or food processor to make the lavender sugar. I opted for my food processor because there was a lot of sugar, and the bowl-like shape gave it plenty of room to mix.

Once the ingredients and equipment were gathered, I dove right in. The process went very smoothly, and I didn’t have any ‘what do I do now?’ moments. I even had just the right amount of lavender sugar, so no need to figure hot how to use the leftovers.

The baking times given for the crust and filling were spot-on, and I didn’t have to add any extra baking time (and nothing overcooked, either). After baking, I left the pan out to cool for about an hour then popped on the lid and refrigerated it overnight before cutting.

Lavender sugar
Making the lavender sugar

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
These Lavender Lemon Bars were sweet and lemony with just a hint of lavender. I don't mind telling you I ate them two at a time--they were that good! They had a buttery crust with tons of lemon flavor and just a hint of lavender. The two tastes paired extremely well. The instructions were clear and well-written, making them extremely easy to follow. This recipe took me just over an hour to complete plus time to cool before cutting. Overall, this dessert was easy to make and had a little bit of a twist on a yummy classic.
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