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Horchata Cold Brew Latte

I love iced coffee, and I’ve always wanted to try horchata. I had an idea of what it was, a sweet drink made with rice, but that’s it. Once I read the recipe, I was hooked. Rice, almonds, cinnamon, milk and condensed milk. How could that possibly go wrong? And how good does that sound as an iced latte?

Treat yourself to a glass of Horchata Cold Brew Latte. Make your iced coffee even more special by making it with homemade horchata!

Recipe Author: Liren Baker at Kitchen Confidente
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The Ingredients

The list of ingredients for this recipe is short and sweet, just the way I like them! I had brown rice, cinnamon sticks, and almonds on hand, so my shopping list was short. And I did decide to buy the cold-brewed coffee rather than make it. I opted for unsweetened since the horchata called for condensed milk, which is very sweet.

Horchata Cold Brew Latte Ingredients
Brown rice, milk, almonds, condensed milk and coffee

The Process

The horchata took all of 10 minutes to make, including the initial prep, blending, and straining after soaking. I let the mixture soak in a covered pitcher overnight on my counter. I added a piece of plastic wrap under the lid in case of ants (they’re everywhere in South Florida).

Removing the cinnamon stick wasn’t specified, so I googled other horchata recipes and found it’s normal to leave it in and blend it with the rest of the ingredients. I wasn’t sure if my blender was big enough to accommodate the rice mixture and all the milks. I ended up blending the rice mixture, straining it through a cheesecloth-lined mesh strainer, then adding the milks and stirring very well.

One more thing: I like my coffee very sweet and creamy, so I used 3/4 cup of the sweetened condensed milk.

Ground brown rice
Ground brown rice

To Serve

My first attempt at pouring my horchata iced latte didn’t give me that beautiful layered look in the author’s photo. Instead, I ended up with your typical creamy coffee mixture. It tasted wonderful, but I do love a pretty picture, and I had lots more coffee and horchata.

After experimenting a bit, I found got the layered look shown in this post by:

  1. Adding ice to the glass
  2. Filling the glass 1/3-1/2 full with horchata
  3. Slowly pouring the cold brew coffee over the back of a spoon. VERY slowly.

I can’t stress slowly pouring the coffee enough. A faster pour allows it to mix into the horchata and you get a thinner layer of coffee.

Horchata Cold Brew Latte Recipe Review

So how was it?

Clear & Accurate Directions
Accurate Time(s)
The verdict: Pinterest success. Adding horchata to cold brew coffee is pure genius! The creamy texture and nutty cinnamon flavor are a perfect match for iced coffee. The stuff is better than any coffee creamer I've ever tried. I even found myself having a small glass of the horchata as a dessert on a few evenings. Getting the layered look takes some work but it's not necessary.
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