Jamaican Gungo Peas Soup (vegan)

Earthy gungo peas and vegetables are combined in a spiced coconut broth in a healthier twist on a classic Jamaican soup recipe.

Peruvian Chicken with Green Sauce

The marinated chicken with the fingerling potatoes would make a delicious meal on their own, but adding the spicy green sauce makes it divine.

Italian Beef Stew

The beef stew made on this house will be Italian from now on (it was that good)! Simmering for hours makes the meat fall-apart tender and a sublime broth.

Roast Asparagus with Red Potatoes and Mushrooms

Roasted asparagus, potatoes, and mushrooms get an extra pop of flavor with a little lemon juice and toasted pine nuts. Easy, delicious, and healthy!

Portuguese Squid Stew (Caldeirada de Lulas)

Pure comfort food with a seafood twist. The tomato broth is the perfect medium for the squid, potatoes, and onions. A little wine, paprika, and garlic add flavor without overwhelming the rest of the ingredients.

Egg and Potato Curry (Anday Aloo Ka Salan)

This egg and potato curry is full of spicy goodness! It took the bland eggs and potatoes to another level I didn’t know was possible. The curry’s gravy is packed with tomatoes and onion, and you’ll want to serve this dish with bread so you can sop up every bit of the sauce.

Parchment Baked Lemon Salmon and Potatoes with Dill Yogurt

Salmon and potatoes are baked to perfection with lemon slices, then topped with a dill-yogurt sauce. Healthy, tasty, and easy!

Crispy Garlic Baked Potato Wedges

These potato wedges were exactly as described: soft pillows on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Parmesan cheese and spices give them plenty of flavor.

Spatchcock Chicken with Potatoes, Asparagus and Lemon

Roast chicken that doesn't take hours to make isn't a figment of your imagination. This recipe for spatchcock chicken cuts the cooking time to an hour at most, doesn't require basting, and includes your sides on a single pan. A few minutes of prep work will give you a complete meal that you'll love.

Lamb Rogan Josh – Indian Kashmiri Mutton (Lamb) Curry

If you like rogan josh, you're going to love this recipe! The spices make a rich sauce that's unbelievably good, and the lamb is melt in your mouth tender.

Vietnamese Chicken Curry (Cà Ri Gà)

It’s a fair amount of work, but the payoff is a very tasty chicken curry. Lemongrass and curry add tons of flavor to the chicken and vegetables.

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

Wow! I never knew corned beef and cabbage was so easy to make. Being able to cook it all in the slow cooker made it almost effortless.

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