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Spinach and Bacon Salad

I’m not a salad person, but I do enjoy spinach salad. Top that with bacon and you have my attention. Not to mention that the list of ingredients s short, full of basics, and the total time listed to make this recipe is just 10 minutes. I do enjoy a challenge, but I also appreciate quick and easy recipes, especially on weeknights. So let’s see if this salad is as good as it sounds!

This delicious Spinach and Bacon Salad is a breeze to prepare! The sweet dressing with the salty bacon keeps you wanting more!

Recipe Author: Aimee at Shugary Sweet
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The Ingredients

The list of ingredients for this spinach salad is pretty short. In fact, I had all of the dressing ingredients on hand, so I only had to buy the spinach and croutons. I had 3 slices of bacon leftover from another recipe, and this salad sounded like the perfect way to use it up.

Spinach and Bacon Salad Ingredients
Spinach, croutons, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, olive oil, vinegar, sugar, and bacon

The Process

This spinach salad is one of the easiest recipes I have ever made. It only took a couple of minutes to mix up the dressing. I put all the ingredients into a small plastic container with a secure lid, gave it a really good shake, and popped it into the refrigerator overnight.

When I was ready to make the salad, I stemmed the spinach while the bacon was frying. It took me about 5 minutes to finish the spinach, and a few more for the bacon to get nice and crispy. Then it was just a matter of adding the spinach to a couple of bowls, topping it with the bacon, drizzling with the salad dressing, and tossing on a few croutons. The entire process took just 15 minutes.

So how was it?

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I loved this spinach salad! I have to admit having doubts about dressing made with Worcestershire sauce, sugar, and ketchup, but my fears were unfounded. Mixing the dressing up the night before you plan to serve it does blend to flavors beautifully. The taste is the perfect foil for the smoky, salty bacon. A short list of ingredients and a 10-15 minute prep time make this salad so perfect for a weeknight side dish or meal (my husband said he would have happily made a meal of the salad alone).
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