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Rosemary & Garlic Mashed Cauliflower

I’m always looking for new ways to add vegetables to my meals. I also have a bad habit of making potatoes as a side dish. The solution? Mashed cauliflower. I admit it’s not a vegetable I eat very often, but the recipe looked fast and easy. Oh, and garlic! It makes everything better.

This Rosemary Garlic Mashed Cauliflower may be healthier, but tastes just as good as Mashed Potatoes! Perfect for Thanksgiving or any day of the year. Side dishes can be healthy while still being SO delicious!

Recipe Author: Becky Hardin at The Cookie Rookie
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The Ingredients

I always like simple recipes, and this one has only 5 ingredients. It’s also much faster to cut up a cauliflower than it is to peel potatoes. Score! A single head of cauliflower made 4 servings.

Rosemary & Garlic Mashed Cauliflower Ingredients
Cauliflower, cream cheese, butter, garlic and rosemary

The Process

The recipe lists a blender or food processor, but you could probably also use an electric hand mixer. I grew up using the hand mixer method on mashed potatoes.

I threw everything into my blender and had some difficulty getting it to blend. It was a little tough getting things to blend smoothly at first. I had to pulse and stir the mixture several times before I could let the blender take over, so to speak.

Adding the ingredients in stages would probably make blending easier. I think batches of cauliflower with butter and cream cheese would work best. I’m thinking the butter and cream cheese will melt a little and create a creamy consistency from the beginning.

Getting ready to blend ingredients
Step 2: Getting ready to blend the ingredients

So how was it?

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I like cauliflower a lot more than I thought! This dish looks like mashed potatoes but has a much silkier texture. The garlic and rosemary stand out but don't overpower the cauliflower. I added a little salt and pepper to mine while my husband enjoyed his just as they were.
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