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Cucumber Mint Martini

A refreshing cocktail is a necessity for a hot summer day. I think cucumber is practically made for this purpose. Well, that and salads, which are also excellent for the summertime. But I digress–this is all about how cucumber cocktails. Specifically, this Cucumber Mint Martini recipe I recently found on my Pinterest beverage recipe board. I don’t think I’ve ever tried mint with cucumber, so I’m really curious how well they pair. My theory is they taste great together, but there’s only one way to find out…

This refreshing cucumber mint martini is also very delicious and simple to make.

Recipe Author: Elaine Benoit at Dishes Delish
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The Ingredients

Let’s start with the all-important cucumbers. The recipe doesn’t specify the type, but I found tiny seedless cucumbers that seemed perfect. I imagine you can also use a regular seedless cucumber or a conventional seeded cucumber too. There will be leftovers either way, so plan accordingly if you don’t want them to go to waste.

The rest of the ingredients were rather ordinary and easy to find. A couple of limes and a package of mint from the grocery store. And, of course, a bottle of vodka from the liquor store. I make my own simple syrup, but you can also buy it at most liquor stores.

Cucumber Mint Martini Ingredients
Vodka, cucumbers, limes, simple syrup, and mint

The Process

Making my Cucumber Mint Martini took 5 minutes, exactly as listed on the recipe. The process was very straightforward and went according to the instructions for the most part.

I got started by muddling the cucumber and mint with the lime juice and simple syrup (I used 1 ounce–1/2 wasn’t quite enough for my taste). The author says she muddled for about 3 minutes without obliterating the cucumber and mint, so I tried to do the same. Then it was into a cocktail shaker with the vodka and some ice to blend and chill.

Despite being very gently with the muddler, I found the cucumber and mint were indeed obliterated when I went to scoop them out and add a few pieces to the cocktail as instructed. Fortunately, I had plenty of leftover cucumber and mint leaves, so I added some extras to the martini glass as a garnish.

Cucumber Mint Martini with Cucumber Garnish

So how was it?

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Sometimes one ingredient dominates the taste of a cocktail. I'm happy to say that isn't the case with this Cucumber Mint Martini. The fresh scent of cucumber was the first thing I noticed when I went to take my first sip, but I could taste it along with the lime and mint. The addition of simple syrup made this drink sweet but not overly so. Instead, it was more like a refreshing treat. Making this cocktail was quick and easy, and it mostly went according to instruction. The muddled cucumber and mint weren't in any shape to be used as garnishes, but I had plenty of extras of both to substitute.
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  1. How fun! Thanks so much for reviewing my cocktail. I seem to make this one mostly around this time of the year. Yours looks yummy and I’m glad you liked it.


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