Chai Frappuccino

This Chai Frappuccino was a lightly spiced creamy vanilla treat. A cold treat that might be better for warmer weather but still delish!

Baby Chai Caramel Fudgey Brownie Cakes

Individual brownie cakes topped with vanilla-chai buttercream frosting and then drizzled with homemade salted caramel sauce. They're super easy and delish!

Dirty Chai White Russian

This take on the classic white Russian cocktail is flavored with a sweet syrup made with coffee, chai tea, and vanilla, and has so much more flavor! Strong coffee and chai spices define the flavor, while the cream gives it smoothness. This is still a very sweet cocktail, and it's excellent as an after-dinner drink.

Cardamom Cinnamon Turmeric Iced Tea

This Cardamom Cinnamon Turmeric Iced Tea is a refreshing blend of cool and spicy, and the turmeric milk adds a little creaminess.

Chocolate Chai Tea Cupcakes with Cinnamon Chocolate Buttercream

Sweet, chocolatey and a little spicy, these chocolate chai cupcakes with cinnamon frosting were a hit with everyone who tried them.

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