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Bamboo Cutting Board (17 x 12 inch)

  • Moso bamboo wood’s hard density makes it sustainable and is almost maintenance free
  • This cutting board can be used for cutting fruits, meat, bread, baked goods without unnecessary hacking and sawing
  • Extremely light yet very durable bamboo construction makes it hard to scar a bamboo cutting board with a knife and at the same time its soft nature does not damage or blunt your knives
  • The cutting board is perfect for any home cook or professional chef
  • Use right sanitation procedures to clean your bamboo cutting board by using warm water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water

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A Thick and Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Our safe, durable, and high-quality cutting board will not dull your knives, our cutting board is your ticket to cooking with ease. For food prep at home or in the commercial restaurant kitchen, our thick and large Bamboo cutting board is used when cutting legumes, fruits, meat, bread, and baked goods without unnecessary hacking and sawing. Easy-to-use and durable, this Bamboo cutting board has fewer spaces for the bacteria to get trapped, unlike wooden cutting boards. A perfect multipurpose kitchen tool for any home cook or professional chef.

  • The Bamboo is organic, we used Moso Bamboo which is sustainable
  • Extremely light yet very durable due to Bamboo construction
  • The glue used to hold this board together do not contain formaldehyde
  • The surface is finished with sunflower oil and NOT with toxic color painting
  • It is 16% harder than maple, which makes it cost-effective
  • The board is easy to maintain. Wash with warm water and use Bamboo revitalizing oil, occasionally, to extend the life and keep it looking beautiful

High-Quality Food Preparation Accessory

Utopia Kitchen’s cutting board is made from Bamboo wood which is strong, as well as, durable. It is designed not only to be used by a home cook, but by demanding and tough professional cooks as well. It has been designed to outlast heavy usage and will not crack, split or warp. It is designed not to let you down.

Healthy and Safe to Use

Sharp knives can easily damage and scratchboards made of silicon and plastic. Such scratches can give way to many different kinds of bacteria.

Naturally, wood kills bacteria and has been scientifically proven to harbor fewer bacteria in comparison to boards made from unnatural elements. All you have to do is wipe the cutting board clean and allow it to be air-dried.

Our cutting board is made from Bamboo wood which makes it antimicrobial and antibacterial, so you do not have to worry about getting sick and can easily hop away without any worries.

Great as a Gift for Your Cook Friends

Why not gift this cutting board to your friends who love cooking? You can even gift it as a wedding present to your loved ones. You can even add it to a gift basket as well.

Please avoid putting this Bamboo cutting board into the dishwasher as Bamboo is a special plant that requires an appropriate amount of humidity. Putting it under heat for a long time can damage the board.