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Easy Release 8-Inch Cake Pans

  • MAKES CAKE REMOVAL EASY, Fun and Nearly Impossible to Mess Up
  • CLEVERLY DESIGNED – A Blade On the Bottom of Each Pan Makes a Full 360º Sweep Under the Cake to Ensure Removal is Flawless and Truly Non-Stick
  • CONTAINS THREE Tinplate 8” Diameter Cake Pans – Depth 1.5″
  • DISHWASHER SAFE for easy Clean up – Dry Thoroughly after Washing

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If you've ever tried to remove a baked cake from a pan after doing everything right, following all the directions to a tee, and still ended up with broken/crumbled pieces or corners, you understand the frustration. Aunt Shannon's Easy Release Cake Pans make baking cakes...well, a piece of cake!

Okay, puns aside, it's simple and easy. We put a blade on the bottom of the cake pans that swivels a full 360 degrees by turning the small handle along the side. After you slide the handle a full turn, simply pop out the cake. No more greasing and flouring. Avoid added mess and clean-up while getting the perfect easy cake-release every single time.

If you want a beautiful cake to display for those of us who "eat with our eyes first" this is sure to make any party that much better, mostly for the host who already has enough going on.

Product Dimensions: Diameter - 8" Depth 1.5"

Reasons You'll LOVE Aunt Shannon's Easy Release Cake Pans:

  1. Perfect Release of Cakes, Every Time
  2. You Get 3 Pans - Go ahead, make it a 3 Layer Cake!
  3. Dishwasher safe means easy cleanup. Be sure to dry thoroughly as Tin can oxidize water is allowed to stand