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OXO SteeL Spinning Bar Spoon

  • Bar Spoon spins while you stir for effortlessly professional results and does not require a change in grip to keep the back of the Spoon against the edge of a glass
  • Features stainless steel construction for long-lasting durability and a contoured handle to provide a comfortable grip
  • 1/8 oz capacity head measures bitters, lifts garnishes and more
  • 12 inch length easily gets to the bottom of tall mixing glasses
  • Bar Spoon is dishwasher safe and features a removable cap for thorough cleaning
  • For a perfectly stirred cocktail, hold the back of Spoon head against side of chilled mixing glass and stir quickly for 20-30 seconds. Pour and strain the cocktail into a fresh glass, and use new ice if serving “on the rocks.”

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Chilling spirit-based drinks like Martinis and Manhattans requires gently spinning ice in the glass to keep the cocktails crisp and clear, and to help prevent frothing or unwanted ice chips that could occur while shaking. The OXO Steel Spinning Bar Spoon helps ensure proper stirring technique without the effort. It has the length of a classic bar spoon, but doesn't require changing your grip to keep the back of the spoon against the edge of the glass - the proper technique required to prevent the ice from chipping. - the proper technique for chilling spirit-based drinks like Martinis and Manhattans.